Monday February 25, 2019

How Can 10 Minutes Change Your Time Here? byCoach Kelly

There are many ways CrossFit Local is different from a regular gym and our goal setting sessions are one of them! I have literally set aside 10-15 minutes to meet in person with every single one of our 200 members, not once, not twice but 4 times a year!

So why haven’t I met with you? Quarterly, you get an email from me asking you to look at our Goal Setting Worksheet and set up 10-15 minutes with me to discuss.

I don’t hear from very many of you so… let me break it down for you.


What if I come at 6 AM and you can’t meet me then? I will not be seeing you at 6 AM, sorry  If we can’t find a time to meet, we can always chat over the phone!

Why are goals important? Failing to plan is planning to fail. We take goals seriously here. Feel like you’ve plateaued? Can’t seem to get the snatch? Persistent knee pain? You need goals to help you get past those hurdles.

What do we do during the goal setting meeting together?

Before you come… you can spend about 10 minutes filling out the aforementioned Goal Setting Worksheet. This will help you narrow your focus and make our time together efficient.

If we have ever met before or you set goals at your Intro session, we will follow up on those and see how you’re progressing.

If this is your first meeting, we will select two or three areas on which to focus. It sounds like this:

You: “I would love to get double unders. I just can’t seem to get them.”
Me: “Where you now? Do you have any?”

You: “One, maybe two or even three on a good day, with the right rope.”

Me: “Great, let’s set a goal for you to get 5 consecutive double unders 2 months from now.”

You: “Sounds good, how do I do it?”

Me: “Here, let me break it down for you.”

Then, I will break it down for you into smaller, achievable goals and arm you with information and resources to help you get there. Here’s an example of part of a follow up email I sent to a fellow Local who set goals with me:

“As promised, here’s some information that will hopefully help you with your double unders. First, remember that like most movements it is a skill and is learned through lots and lots of practice.

Here is a 3 part series on Double Unders with Carl Paoli (CF Gymnastics guru):

Here’s a longer video with Jon Gilson:


Here’s a quick video with Chad 

Coach Emily is our resident double under fiend so I’m attaching a guide she created as well. ​

CrossFit double under guide.doc

If you feel like you need some one on one help with them, I know she or I would be happy to help you with that. Sometimes seeing what the error is on video and making corrections is helpful. Just try to work on them EVERY DAY and you’ll get them more consistently soon.”

Is your brain busy thinking of new goals already? Excited about the possibilities? What are you waiting for?! Email me and set up a time!!!

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