Holiday Season Dilemma

As I was handed a reusable holiday cup (my first drink of the season) the other day, I smelled spices and pictured cozy nights by the fire with my family…

It may still feel like summer outside, but Christmas is coming, Thanksgiving is upon us and just like that the holiday cups are back at Starbucks (yes!)

But then… all those red cups remind me of the days and nights of parties that are usually happening where I’m expected to eat several meals, including drinks and dessert… but thanks to the pandemic, these gatherings probably aren’t happening.

Instead, I’m home, bored, alone, baking, tasting, devouring…

Uh oh.

Already the holiday pounds are creeping up on me.

I work hard throughout the year to make healthy choices, and here I am faced with a dilemma…


Does this sound familiar…?

Well, this year you can face the holiday season head on with me… with a plan that will help you survive the holidays!

Just send me a message ( and let me know how I can help! A few ideas to get you started…

And seriously, are the red cups cuter than abs?! Didn’t think so.

Coach Kelly

P.S. – We’ll be sending out our Holiday Resource Guide in the coming weeks so be on the lookout!

P.P.S. – Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Sticker Mule – they are the best sticker maker to work with if you need quick, friendly service and stickers!

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