Wednesday February 27, 2019

Emma Mertens is a 7 year old girl fighting a very rare, inoperable brain tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

DIPG intermixes with healthy tissue in the pons, a region of the brainstem containing many critical structures for basic body functions, and causes progressive neurologic symptoms involving control and coordination of the face and body. Due to its location and diffuse growth pattern, it cannot be surgically removed. Radiation therapy is the standard treatment, but normally results in just a few months of temporary stabilization of symptoms.

Emma is a fighter, and is currently going through 6 weeks of daily radiation therapy. Emma, a huge dog lover, has requested that during this time she would like to receive letters from dogs to comfort her through her treatment.

That’s where all of you come in!

Let’s all send Emma letters/e-mails from our dogs. You can attach a photo or video of your pup as well.

If you’d like to send a physical letter to Emma, the address is:
Emma Mertens 
PO Box 230 
Hartland, WI

You can also send an email to

Let’s all rally behind Emma and fill that inbox up with letters from our dogs!

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  1. Dearest Emma❤️, Ella the dog is a Great Dane! She’s all black with white fur on her chest. She’s a good girl and very sweet. She’s so big that when she stands on her hind legs she’s at least six feet tall! She wants you to know that she thinks you’re amazing and so very brave!!! She loves children. From Ella: You are a brave, amazing, smart and precious girl!!! Sending tons of love and happy barks to you 🐶 ❤️💛✨ Love, Ella🐶💛✨

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