Samantha Hess

"Joining Local truly changed my life."

Samantha Hess

I took the picture on the left around the same time I started going to Local. I was so incredibly nervous and intimidated by CrossFit but as soon as I stepped into Local, those fears went away (mostly). I’d watch in awe as people did muscle-ups and snatches like it was nothing. I wanted to be like them so badly but never had the self-confidence to think I could. I felt like just a marshmallow trying to get fit. It was through the encouragement of the coaches at Local that I started to finally believe in myself and now two years later, I feel like an athlete. What kept me consistent and motivated was focusing on ability and strength rather than looking for abs in the mirror. That’s the most important and different thing about CrossFit than any other workout I’ve done. All the focus is on getting stronger and feeling better which is such a healthy mindset to have. As corny as it sounds, joining Local truly changed my life.

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