• CrossFit Level I Certified, 2020


Spenser originally hails from a small town in southern Indiana, where he played sports nearly year-round: basketball, baseball, football, track and field, you name it. His athletic youth led him to a lifelong commitment to fitness and sports.

He found CrossFit during his college years in 2014 and was very impressed with how effective it was compared to everything else he had done. In 2016 Spenser moved to Chapel Hill and earned his PharmD from UNC. During this time, he found CrossFit Local and became a member and has been getting fitter ever since! 

Spenser decided to become a CrossFit coach because he believes it can dramatically improve people’s health and quality of life, from the advanced athlete to the beginner. As a pharmacist, Spenser sees the consequences of the chronic disease epidemic regularly, and he believes the CrossFit methodology is an elegant solution to this problem. One of his proudest accomplishments was encouraging his mother to join a gym and despite never following an exercise regimen before. She is now in better shape than ever before and setting back squat PRs in her 60s!

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