• CrossFit Level I Certified, 2016


Like so many middle-aged CrossFitters, Andrew was an accomplished youth athlete who migrated to the couch as he got older. He recommitted to fitness in his mid-thirties, but stalled in progress and motivation after a couple of years on his own with running, bodyweight, and dumbbell workouts. After much pestering by a good friend (and Local coach) he tried CrossFit – the workouts and atmosphere re-stoked his competitive fire and desire for self-improvement, and the rest is history.

Moving into coaching in 2016 provided additional challenges and new perspective on CrossFit and fitness in general. Andrew has a soft spot for the particular needs of Masters athletes, and enjoys finding the right ways to push people beyond what they thought was possible. While he’s a fan of “going big” from time to time (hello, heavy deadlifts and 1RM power clean attempts!) his coaching focus is always on long-term improvement, health, and quality of life.
When he’s not CrossFitting, you can find Andrew hanging out with his family (all of whom also CrossFit!), wrangling computer systems at his “day job,” or pursuing his latest passion, competitive Strongman.

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