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10 Things People Say When You Wear Your CrossFit Local Shirt In Public by Coach Kelly

  1. “Can you help me move this <insert heavy piece of furniture>?” We seriously got asked to move not one, but two pieces of furniture last weekend by a random lady at a random yard sale.
  2. “Look at those legs! Are you a runner?”Capture
  3. “I have a cousin/niece/uncle who CrossFits. Do you know them?”
  4. “Do you think I could do it?”
  5. “I’ve heard about it. It looks hard. You flip tires right?”
  6. “I saw it on ESPN. Were you there?”
  7. “Wow, your legs <insert amazingly strong body party> are so strong! Way to go!” Followed by a hi five.
  8. “Oh cool, I do CrossFit too! Well, at my globo gym. They called it GetFit <insert other CrossFit-esque program name>.”
  9. “I do CrossFit too! Except we don’t use weights. And we do ours to a dance routine. In the air conditioning. Okay, I do Zumba.”
  10. “Do you eat Paleo? I’ve been trying to eat better.” Said while discreetly hiding their <insert junk food of choice> from you.

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