Barbell Club

Interested in getting stronger? CrossFit Local’s Barbell Club (BBC) combines Catalyst Athletics olympic lifting with Wendler’s 531 strength program to give you barbell training with expert feedback on technique. Barbell club runs in hour long sessions starting promptly at 6 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


The very first thing you will discover is that CrossFit does not discriminate. Whether you are 50 years old, or have just completed your 50th marathon, are recovering from injury or healing a broken heart, whether walking the dog is the only exercise you’ve had in years, or you’re someone training for the Iditarod…CrossFit will help you achieve your fitness goals.

One of the things that makes CrossFit so unique is our community of people from literally every walk of life: stay-at-home parents, elite athletes, students, CEOs, members of the armed services, firefighters, you name it. CrossFit bodies – our bodies – come in every imaginable size, shape and age; and yet, our workouts every day, are designed for anyone to do them.

Yes, anyone.

CrossFit Kids & CrossFit Teens

We believe healthy self-esteem and self-respect should be fostered early in life. Our program uses the unique combination of skill practice and workouts (WODs) to develop strength and conditioning in children. Our classes include the same CrossFit elements of bodyweight movements, gymnastics, rowing, running, and weightlifting. These skills will help your kids succeed in any sport or discipline they desire. Most importantly, your children will have FUN!!!


Have you wanted to try CrossFit but felt like you needed to be in shape first? Ever been to the gym and felt too intimidated? Do you just want to get moving after having a baby? Are you a bride and want to get in shape for your big day? Maybe you haven’t thought about exercise in 15 years. Whatever the reason, right now you have the opportunity to push yourself far beyond what you ever thought possible. CrossFit Local’s Ignition program was created to help people overcome their obstacles and achieve their health and fitness goals. We do this with REAL COACHES, helping REAL PEOPLE, get REAL RESULTS. Classes meet 3x/week for 6 weeks, morning and evening options available!

Personal Training

Feel like you need to get in shape before starting CrossFit? Already CrossFitting but need some extra attention on your olympic lifts or maybe you want to refine your pull up technique? Maybe you need help with your diet. Want to discuss a simple meal plan that can work for you? We can discuss nutritional choices that not only make you feel and perform better, but look better too! Either way, we are available to meet your needs! We offer both hour and half-hour sessions. Rates depends on length of session. We also offer package discounts, available in 6, 12 or 18 sessions.