Monday March 4, 2019

Protein Popsicles! by Coach Emily

Here’s what you’ll need:
2 cups coconut water
3 ripe bananas
4 scoops of protein powder (I use SFH Pure Chocolate)
3 Tablespoons sunflower seed butter

You’ll also need:

  • a blender (or an immersion blender and a pitcher)
  • a popsicle mold (or zipzicles – yes, it’s a thing!  You can buy them at Whole Foods.)
  • plastic wrap or plastic bags to wrap up the pops for freezer storage

First blend the coconut water and protein powder together until smooth.  Peel and break the bananas into pieces and add them to the mixture with the sunflower seed butter.  Blend the entire mixture until it’s completely homogeneous.  Pour the mixture into the popsicle mold or zipzicle pouches.  Freeze for at least six hours.Tips:

  1. Most protein powders have plenty of sweetener.  Make sure your coconut water and sunflower seed butter are sugar- and sweetener-free to avoid a cloyingly sweet pop.
  2. If you need to travel with the popsicles or use the mold again you can run them under warm water one at a time and wrap them in plastic wrap or plastic bags to store them in the freezer.  If not, save the plastic, store them in the mold, and take them out as you’re ready to eat them!
  3. I love chocolate and sunflower seed butter so this is a winning combination for me.  You could mix up the recipe by changing the protein flavor, fruit, or nut butter!

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