• CrossFit Level II Certified, 2017
  • CrossFit Level I Certified, 2015
  • Go Ruck Light
  • Judge Director for South Florida CrossFit Competition
  • Completed CrossFit Judges Course, 2015 and 2016


Melissa always loved to workout but it wasn’t until she started CrossFit in 2011 that she became
completely hooked on fitness and what the human body was truly capable of. Her love for CrossFit,
belief in its methodology and excitement for the community it created, led her to begin coaching and
become Level 1 Certified in 2012. She started in Miami, FL where her gym at the time was opening its
fifth location and needed someone to work alongside the Head Coach. The gym grew to almost 500
members very quickly where Melissa had the privilege of coaching 15-40 person classes including
members of all ages, fitness levels, goals and even handicaps. It was an incredible experience. In her
time there she was also on staff for the organization’s yearly CrossFit competition called Crush Games
which was one of the largest competitions held in the southeast region. A year later, in 2013, Melissa
and her husband Jonathan decided to move to Key Largo, FL to eventually start their family.

It didn’t take long for her and Jonathan to realize that they wanted to introduce CrossFit to the
wonderful Upper Keys community. They were both excited to help local families realize their true fitness
potential and most importantly, focus on their health and quality of life. In September 2013 the doors
opened to I Am CrossFit Upper Keys. Within 1 year they grew to 100 members which Melissa attributes

In Jan 2014 Melissa gave birth to her first son, Jude and July 2015, her second son Caleb. She did CrossFit
as well as coached classes throughout both of her entire pregnancies up until the day before she went
into labor. She attributes CrossFit to her great pregnancies, smooth labor and deliveries and speedy

Fast forward to October 2016 with two small boys and a thriving gym, Melissa’s husband received a job
offer in Chapel Hill, NC that their family could not pass up. Selling their gym and leaving the Keys was
never even a thought for them but they knew it was something they had to do. Melissa then focused all
her energy on raising her boys and, for the first time in a while, being a member at a CrossFit gym. She
wasn’t sure she’d ever coach again but it was definitely something she missed dearly. She obtained her
CrossFit Level 2 Certificate in July 2017.

Melissa joined Local towards the end of 2017 and it immediately felt like home to her. Although she is
expecting baby boy #3 in March 2018, that never stopped her before, and she looks forward to joining
the coaching staff.

“It’s my passion and my calling to help others reach their full potential. It brings me great joy to see
someone accomplish things they never thought they could. We all have more in us then we realize.
Sometimes we just need someone else to help us see it.” – Coach Mel

In addition to coaching, Melissa works in residential Real Estate with her husband, loves going on
adventures with her boys and cooking for friends and family.

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