• CrossFit Level I Certified, 2019
  • Wodapalooza team athlete, 2019


Justin (aka “Huck”) grew up in a small town of northern Louisiana playing any and every sport available. In summer of 2010, a friend introduced him to CrossFit-based workouts following the CrossFit mainsite programming. As a competitive high school cross country runner and endurance athlete, Huck loved the uniquely challenging metabolic conditioning workouts provided by CrossFit.

Following his high school glory days, he continued CrossFit training throughout his undergraduate and graduate school careers. Huck graduated from Louisiana Tech University in northern Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering and is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in biomedical engineering with an emphasis on pharmaceutical science at the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Upon moving to North Carolina and starting graduate school at UNC in 2015, Huck immediately began training at CrossFit Local and fell in
love with the community. He has competed in numerous local and international CrossFit competitions over the last few years, including Wodapalooza in 2019 as a team athlete.

Outside of the gym, Huck can usually be found conducting scientific experiments in lab or attending concerts and music festivals. His overall passion and life goals reside in promoting healthy living and high quality of life for everyone through the intersection of developing new and effective medicines and therapies as a research scientist along with leading individuals towards an active lifestyle through  CrossFit coaching and training.

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