• CrossFit Level I Certified, 2013


Josh grew up in rural Kentucky, where in his formative years he spent a great deal of time outdoors communing with nature. This bond with the outdoors has carried over into his adult life, where he still enjoys spending as much time outside as possible. He studied Classics at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where he was free to explore his passion for the outdoors via mountain biking, hiking, and various other outdoor shenanigans.

The journey to stay fit has led Josh down many paths, such as competitive swimming for 12 years, Marathon running, and becoming a certified kettlebell instructor. He believes that of all these forms of exercise and athletics CrossFit has helped him to attain the most well-balanced fitness practice.

Josh began his career as a CrossFitter in 2012 after attending a foundations course with another friend who was interested in joining. After one year of training, Josh realized that he wanted to devote more time to his CrossFit practice and took the plunge to become a coach at Local. Josh strives to bring energy and enthusiasm to each class he coaches, while assisting each athlete he works with to achieve his or her fitness goals.

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