• CrossFit Level I Certified, 2016
  • CrossFit competition competitor x 7, 2015-present


Following his move from New York, Josh embraced the Chapel Hill youth sports scene and competed in a variety of different little leagues, but did not find his athletic passion until discovering wrestling when he was 12 years old. He became obsessed with the sport and quickly learned how important one’s fitness was in regards to their performance on the wrestling mat. Josh loved the one on one, man versus man nature of wrestling and the fact that you were responsible for your success, no one else. During the off-season he would focus on exercise routines specifically designed to increase his endurance, stamina, and overall fitness.

After recording well over 100 wins during his high school career, Josh was recruited by a few colleges and continued wrestling for a D-1 university. Shortly before college graduation, one of Josh’s closest friends died tragically and this completely altered his life course and inspired him to pursue a career helping people in his community. Within a couple of weeks Josh was working in an emergency room, but he sorely missed the competitiveness of college athletics and the pursuit to continually improve one’s skills and health. He worked out in jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts gyms, but nothing could compare to the intensity and team unity he experienced while wrestling. Fitness remained an important part of his life, but it was unfulfilling and stagnant.

When Josh learned a childhood friend of his was coaching at CrossFit Local he decided to give it a try one early morning and the workout of the day, “Karen,” absolutely annihilated him. He thought he was in shape, but he could not even complete it. He might have thrown up (he did). There was equipment he was unfamiliar with, fitness language he had never heard of, and lots of nice strangers cheering him on. He was awestruck; it was love at first sight. Classes felt like wrestling practice and these strangers quickly became teammates and friends. The community embraced him and before long CrossFit Local became his home away from home.

After competing in several CrossFit competitions Josh realized he would like to give back to the community that has provided him with so much by combining his passion for fitness and helping people by becoming a coach at Local. Josh is inspired when people improve, break new grounds, and celebrate their accomplishments. He adores the sport of CrossFit and likes to share his knowledge with the athletes at Local so feel free to stop him and ask anything you’d like!

Josh enjoys getting to know the athletes he is coaching and looks forward to becoming familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. He is of the “wake up and grind” mindset so you will catch him at the gym well before the sun comes up. When fitness is not the focal part of his life, Josh likes volunteering, being outdoors with his American pit bull terrier, watching MMA and UNC basketball, reading non-fiction, writing creatively, discovering new music, and hanging out with friends & family.

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