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Cleaning Out the Closet by Yelena E

Ever look at your closet and realize that you have WAY too many clothes, many of which you no longer wear? There are the formal clothes that you wear MAYBE once or twice a year,. There are the clothes from when you were still in college (mainly because they are comfy or bring back a lot of memories). Then there are the clothes that don’t fit. You know, the ones that you kept because ONE DAY you will be skinny enough to fit back into them. Yep- I had ALL of those in my closet and finally, the mood struck me to clean out the closet. (They say the less you have, the lighter you feel, and I’m all about feeling light!)
Well, what do you know…. the clothes that “one day might fit me again”- FIT. They flippin’ fit. Now what!?
I kept a few, as a reminder that this CrossFit thing is working.
You know why I was surprised though? Because usually with this kind of transformation, there is weight loss. Just look at Alan- the dude lost a bunch of weight and you can tell! He is way stronger now too!
I started CrossFit a year ago on Labor day. I weighted 217lbs. I was size 16. Today I weigh 211 lbs (on a good day) and I’m size 12.
I think if you do a side-by side you can maybe tell where the weight redistribution happened… I have definitely developed more muscle. I have nice traps emerging. My arms look less flabby (as they should- I can do push ups now!) and guess what?! None of the pants fit around my thighs. They fit in the waist, even the size 12 capris, but if I change the angle to anything besides standing up straight, either the pants feel like busting at the seams or the circulation in my legs get cut off…
SO, the moral of this story is this: If you have been doing CrossFit for a while and the scale is not budging, clean out your closet and try on those “skinny clothes” (Except for pants, those will NOT fit, and that’s a good thing!).
CrossFit is a sport that will most definitely change your body. It will make you stronger, faster and the scale is not a way to measure that (unless you have a body fat scale, which may or may not be terribly accurate). You should see your progress in the amounts you can lift, in the WODs (they will suck less and less, although there’s always Cindy) and, of course, the clothes.

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