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The People That Inspire Me  by Coach Kelly

There are few days as inspirational as Memorial Day Murph. As an American and a CrossFitter, this day is just set up for celebration and remembrance.

Murph is an intimidating WOD, as it should be. It’s for one our American heroes, SEAL Michael Murphy. If it didn’t leave you wondering if you’d be able to finish, then it wouldn’t be much of a hero WOD. We always do this as a partner WOD (not just because it makes the numbers manageable) but because the SEALs always work in teams, pairs even.

Last year I had the pleasure of doing this WOD with Rothy, who was recovering from a torn Achilles. Yep, boot and all, he rowed (pretty much the same speed as me with one leg!), did the (weighted) pull ups, push ups (sometimes with only one leg) and squats (to parallel)! I am always inspired when I am at the gym and this Memorial Day was no different.

But the inspiration didn’t stop with Rothy. I was inspired by one athlete who took three extra laps, just to reflect on how far he has come since starting CrossFit. I was inspired by someone else who always runs with a smile on her face (and PR’d her Murph by 3 minutes). I was inspired by all of the others who either opted to do full Murph or add a ruck sack/weight vest or even crazier, BOTH! I was inspired by our coaches who continued to push far beyond when it was “fun” in order to finish full Murph with a weight vest. I was inspired by our masters athletes who, at their “seasoned” age , were crushing the workout.

I was inspired by each of the 50+ athletes who came out on a beautiful Monday to celebrate an American hero and pay tribute to a fallen warrior.

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