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Mental Preparation by Coach Kelly

While watching the CrossFit Games last weekend, a couple people asked if I did anything mentally to prepare for a WOD or if I just sort of made it through.

For me, I try to have some sort of game plan. It’s not always anything elaborate or that I stay up the night before plotting out and losing sleep over. When I look at the board, I generally look at the times of those who are in my skill level and break that down to see how many minutes per round, for example, it would take me to beat that score.

If it’s a rep scheme like 21-15-9, I might break up the round of 21 into 11 and 10 so I’m over halfway on the first one or into 7-7-7 because less than 10 reps seems doable. It is a numbers games so that mentally the reps seem reasonable. Many of you know that I run two 200m laps instead of one 400m lap – same distance, but for me, it makes a difference mentally, and that’s where it matters.

Some of it is knowing your limits and some of it is learning what your limits are. Most of us don’t really push ourselves as hard as we can but what if we did?

What if you go faster than you thought you would? Or use more weight than you thought possible? What if you succeed? But what if you don’t? Either way, you’re getting your sweat on, having fun with your Local buddies and finding out what you’re made of.

If you’re in my class, I’ll be happy to help you strategize. Give it a shot this week!

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