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Keep the Bell Ringin’ by Coach Chad

I know you’ve heard it. That bell rings at least a few times a day. Even though you’ve heard it, you might not know the detailed history of it and why it matters. Read along to find out…

First off, where did it come from? I’m sure you know Coach Kevin (who now coaches the diving team at Clemson) and how crazy that fool is. He’s a nut! He’s also crazy good at motivating people. He pushes their limits and allows them to break barriers, mental and physical. Well Kev-o decided that he wanted a way to announce to the gym every time someone set a new personal record (PR). Kinda like, “Welcome to Moe’s!” Back in 2012, Kevin was slated to move to Mongolia to serve in the Peace Corps and decided to bless the gym with a PR bell to grace it’s newly expanded space before he left. That is why the Angry Bird sticker lives on the bell. It’s kind of Kevin’s mascot and general way of living. Smash first, ask questions later.

Okay so we’ve established where it came from, but why is it so important? In many ways, it relates back to the psyche of the athlete. We know that CrossFit is very goal- and community-based. Without these two things, we become just another gym. These two things matter immensely and set us apart from the pack. For the athlete, ringing the bell signifies progress. It gets the snowball rolling and allows us to build speed while progressing towards a better and fitter future. For the community, ringing the bell is a call to action. It is your responsibility to support your fellow teammates and let out a loud yawp of encouragement. If the athlete doesn’t smile, you did it wrong ?

So yes, the bell matters in a huge way. Ring it with pride!

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