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Reflections from Fed Up by Geeta S.

I found the Fed Up documentary to be incredibly interesting from the perspective of my personal struggle with being overweight on and off over my lifetime and from a societal perspective as well. As a physician, I’ve seen the ever-increasing obesity problem evolve over the last 18 years of my career. But, I think I’ve fallen into the same belief of dieting and exercise as being the answer for most people, including myself.

I learned a great deal from the movie about the history of the “sugar” and “food” lobby and how they’ve impacted national guidelines on dietary recommendations. I find it incredibly frustrating that money would drive the health of our country rather than science and common sense. However, I think we can make small changes in our own lives and our children’s lives to prevent and reduce obesity.

I’ve always been a firm believer in eating fruit and vegetables but didn’t necessarily focus enough on inclusion of good fats and protein all the time. One of the biggest problems I see for my family and others is eating “empty” calories, particularly as snacks. We are going to try to reduce the number of packaged snacks we buy and eat. Overall I think the movie confirmed what I knew about diet and exercise but in a new way or angle than what I had previously recognized.

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