Strength Camp

What is Strength Camp?

It is a style of CrossFit class with a focus on teaching teen athletes the basics of strength and conditioning in a way that is useful for their current athletics and future endeavors. In a small class setting athletes will be coached through warm-ups, gymnastic/barbell movements, and conditioning pieces that make them stronger, faster, and more confident in their sport.

For teens age 15+
Age 14 at coach discretion

Classes limited to first 12 athletes!

Why Choose Our Strength Camp?

As the pressure on athletes to become specialized in a single sport mounts, often athletes have motor patterns established even if those are the most efficient ways for them to move. With Strength Camp we aim to challenge the way athletes move! We introduce them to new movements and better motor patterns that will ultimately carryover to their respective sport. Being strong, fast and explosive carries over to every field, court, and pool!

Additionally, strength and conditioning programs are continuing to gain focus and importance at both the high school and collegiate level. However, coaches have to balance a high number of athletes and pressure for immediate returns. These issues often result in technique instruction falling by the wayside. With Strength Camp each athlete will receive individual attention and not be pushed beyond their ability to move soundly. Learning the movements properly now will allow the athletes to be one step ahead of their peers!

What Does That Actually Mean They’ll Do?

Athletes will be led through stretching, active warm ups, and plyometrics (jumping, bounding, etc.) to aid their flexibility and ability to produce force explosively. Instruction will also include teaching the most efficient ways to move and perform. They will perform strength building exercises in which they control and move their own body, as well as movements using barbells, kettlebells, and other implements. The athletes will learn the movements (along with as much why and how as they want to hear) from the bottom up and be given a chance to challenge themselves and their abilities.

Lastly, athletes will have an opportunity each class to “get out of breath!” Athletes have to be able to perform well at high intensity when competing in their sport. That ability gets better with practice, and athletes will perform the movements they learn in traditional CrossFit work or time based workouts at high intensity as a new means of practice. Athletes will show up to work and be rewarded on the field of play. It might not be easy, but success is earned not given!



Tuesdays and Fridays 11 AM – 12 PM

2nd session 7/11-8/4


Sessions are 8 classes (2x/week for 4 weeks)


10% discount for family members


Please use your teen’s name and information when setting up a profile. The entire amount will be due at registration.

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before scheduled class time so we can provide you with a waiver to sign for your child/teen (our insurance friends make us do this). You can also download and fill out a waiver here and bring it with you. Please contact us at 919.912.9348 or send an email for more information or with any questions.