What’s the Big Deal by Coach Chad

I always get a ton of funny looks when I ask people to ring the bell and write their Personal Record on the whiteboard. The conversation inevitably goes like this:

“Did you PR today?”


“That’s funny. I didn’t hear the bell ring. And it isn’t written on the PR board.”

“It’s just (insert what you did here). What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is that, if you stick with this long enough, new PRs start to get really tough to come by. To illustrate my point, here’s a completely scientific infographic:

Basically what I’m saying is enjoy the process. Celebrate the small victories. Someday you’ll wish that PRing didn’t take months (or years) of dedicated focus just to barely make an improvement.

So when you PR in June, I better hear that bell ring and see it written proudly on the whiteboard!

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