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Shaping the Future by Coach Kelly

A while back the Vice President of the Carolina Sport Business & Fitness Expo contacted us about serving as panelists. They were looking for professionals in the fitness industry to speak to college students about their future and we apparently came highly recommended by one of our Locals, Sean.

Chad & I are both alumni of Carolina so are always eager to give back to the University that gave us so much. The panel was held in the Blue Zone at Kenan football stadium. Being the “professionals” that we are, we took the opportunity to wander around in the expensive suites upstairs, sit in the cushy seats overlooking the football field and even venture down into the weightlifting gym. I just wanted to skip the expo and lift weights, but it was locked. I mean, how fun would it be to throw down with the UNC football players?

Back to the expo… there were three panels: a professional sport, collegiate sport, and fitness industry. In our panel (the fitness industry), there was Chad, another gym owner, a physical therapist and a marketing executive for a gym. The panelists gave a brief background of how they got to where they are, gave general inspirational advice and answered questions like what’s a day in our life like, how to manage business finances, and recommended books. The audience had about 50 people and consisted of primarily undergraduate students (a mix from UNC and Elon) who were getting ideas of how they could use their degrees.

When we arrived the collegiate sport panel was finishing up and to be honest, lots of the students looked bored. It was rainy outside and early on a Saturday morning so I told Chad he should spice things up a bit and get everyone moving. So, during his introduction he told everyone he was going to do what he did best and teach everyone to squat!

One piece of advice Chad gave was that it’s okay to not know what you want to be when you grow up. Keep following your passion and eventually you will find a way to make a career out of it. Hard work and determination are the only tools you need. Hopefully, our advice will help at least one person choose a career path that will be as rewarding and fulfilling as owning Local is for us.

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