Couch to CrossFit

We’re launching something that we’re REALLY excited about. We know that CrossFit can benefit everyone. We also know that there are a lot of people who WANT to CrossFit with us, but can’t because of time, money, distance or other reasons. How do we reach out to our online community to get you involved with us and help you get fitter?

This is our answer to your problem. The Couch to CrossFit program is and will always be 100% free. These workouts are designed for people like you who don’t have much time but want some serious results. We’ll do the programming for you and give you scaling options. We’ll also help you learn about diet, quality movement, and quick fixes. It’s our way of giving back to all of the Locals who, well, aren’t quite Local.

How can you guys help this project get off the ground?

  1. Tell your friends and family about it. All of the ones who always have excuses or live too far away to take advantage of training here in person.
  2. Tell us what you want to see. Need more scaling options? How should you program for yourself? Maybe you need more info on sleeping or what to eat. Let us know!

We’re really excited to get this off the ground and give you guys a ton of good quality content. Why stop at being the best CrossFit in Chapel Hill or the triangle? We’re coming for you world!

Below is the first video in our Couch to CrossFit program and gives you an idea of what to expect. We will email you a new workout once a week!

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