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A Power Clean InstaPR by Coach Chad

When you look at the photo above, what’s the first thing you notice? You might be thinking “that stank face is straight up amazing.” That’s certainly an acceptable answer. However the one I’m looking for lives below the barbell.

Check out Coach Kelly’s hips, knees and ankles. What do they all have in common? They’re all straight! We call this position “triple extension” and it is brutally critical to being successful in the olympic lifts. If someone can clean or snatch more than you, chances are really good that it’s because they’re hitting this position and you aren’t. It’s what separates the clean from being a reverse curl. The weight is now being lifted by the legs versus by the arms.

So how do we use this pertinent information to attain that instaPR I mentioned (and I just coined that phrase. Give me credit when it goes viral.)? Imagine that someone has placed their hand an inch or two above your head while you’re standing tall. Your job in the power clean today is to hit their hand with the top of your head before you drop into the receiving position. You need to get as tall as possible and try to jump that thing up to your shoulders as hard as you can. Imagine it over and over again in your head. Then step up to the bar and execute!

I expect that PR Board to be loaded when I look at it tomorrow!

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