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Friday Night Lights After Party!

As the 2017 Friday Night Lights comes to a close this weekend, we want to celebrate our hard work! We’ve earned it! We want to reminisce about some amazing performances during some grueling WODs. We hope you will join us for some post FNL celebratory social time THIS Friday, March 24 from 5-8 PM.

We will have DJ Uzoma, a food truck and beer! FNL athletes will receive a ticket to get a free meal. Anyone else can purchase a meal and there’s FREE beer for everyone! The food truck will be bringing some of their favorite meals. Invite your friends and family and come celebrate with us!

See you there!

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Butterfly Ring Dips

Written by Nicole Dehart for CrossFitInvictus.com

I often get asked about cycling ring dips. People generally want to know either how to kip ring dips or what I consider the most effective kip style.

Before we even talk about kipping ring dips, it is important to note that a person must have three or more strict ring dips before attempting any sort of kip. Anytime you add kipping to a movement, the volume increases as well as the demand to maintain the quality of the movement when performing it dynamically, all of which requires a great deal of strength.

Now that we have discussed the pre-requisites, we can talk about kipping ring dips. I am a huge fan of the “butterfly” ring dip. I know some athletes that love this style while others don’t feel comfortable with the rhythm; they prefer to stick with a more general kipping ring dip. I like to leave it up to the athlete to play around with both styles and see which one works the best for them.

How to do the Butterfly Kipping Ring Dip

This type of ring dip mimics the same rhythm that you would use with a butterfly pull-up. Don’t worry about speed when first learning this style; just focus on the rhythm and the speed will come over time. Your legs end up moving in a circular motion, just like a butterfly pull-up, and help propel you to the top of the rings. This helps keep your momentum going in a ring dip, which is important since fatigue can set in quickly with this movement. Here are step-by-step instructions for learning the butterfly ring dip:

1. Begin from a locked out position on the rings with your feet slightly behind you.
2. Lower yourself down to the rings so your deltoids reach the top of the rings.
3. As you lower yourself, your legs should start to extended and your feet should begin to “sweep” the floor, going in a forward motion.
4. Continue the momentum by bending your knees and driving them to your chest (this should happen at the exact moment your deltoids reach the top of the rings).
5. The drive from your knees should propel you UP to a locked out position at the top of the rings.
6. Continue this circular motion with your legs by bringing the feet behind you, dropping the legs to an extended position and sweep the floor again, then drive your knees to your chest as your chest reaches the bottom of the rings.

This may sound complicated but check out the video at the top of the blog for a visual example.

This style of ring dip takes practice but can be very efficient and fast when learned. Take some time to practice this style and hopefully start knocking out clips of ring dips with ease! Watch for a follow up article coming soon that explains the standard kipping ring dip so you can experiment with both types to figure out which works best for you.

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A Few Words by Ben Riddle

I have been an athlete for most of my life.  I have traveled a lot, seen many sports, participated in many and at many different levels – ranging from fun/intramural to national level competition.  I haven’t lived in a single dwelling for more than a year and a half for the last decade.  As a result, I have been to many, many gyms, and seen/contributed/trained at many gyms with many teams – some are even famous and highly competitive (Power and Grace – Spencer Arnold).

When I came to local, some things immediately struck me….  Initially, it was how welcoming the community was.  I am someone that initially tends to be very quite, choosing to study a situation before I lay my cards down.  Your community instantly tore that sentiment out of me, and it was very welcomed, as the coaches and members were all so engaged with each other.  I was instantly making friends.  This was nice because even though I grew up in Chapel Hill… it had been over 10 years since I returned as a resident… so I was almost starting from scratch again.

Another thought is that, for awhile, I have been thinking a lot about where CrossFit is headed… and whether or not I appreciate its direction that many tend to take with it… and that is the Sport of Fitness. In my own opinion I think there is too much pressure put on beginners, and really most people participating… to be this pinnacle of athletic fitness and as a result there is an immense amount of pressure put on the times, the reps, the rounds… at the cost of fun and even good movement (I have fallen into this as well).  While I believe competition to be a great thing, in my mind, there is a time and place for it… and I believe many sign up to become stronger, or more healthy… and then lose sight of this.  I do believe CrossFit to be an excellent general Strength and Conditioning program as a whole when used correctly.

You, CrossFit Local, use this correctly.  The atmosphere in Local is one of enjoyment.  While there will always be those that are very competitive (both in healthy and unhealthy states) that will wish to take things to an extreme… that is not what I feel there, or felt there, as a member.  Your establishment is very down-to-earth and promotes a very healthy and fun environment for your members to train in.  I believe this to be in no small part a direct result of your influence there.  You have a great way of communicating what you wish CrossFit to be, and guiding your members in that direction.  It isn’t about becoming the next Rich Froning… it IS about bettering yourself and becoming more capable in your life, as well as more knowledgeable about your body and healthy habits.

Of all of the places I have ever trained, and with all of the people I have ever trained with, your establishment has been my favorite.  Local is a real blessing, and I think properly displays what CrossFit should be.  I wish I had sent this earlier.  It wasn’t until much after I had left that I realized I could simply put it into words and send it to you.  One day I hope to return to Chapel Hill… and you can bet I will be walking back through those doors on a regular basis again.  Keep it up guys, and thank you.

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The Best Part of Your Day Part 2 by Coach Chad

Hopefully by now you’ve ready the first edition of this post about making the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted. I know what you’re thinking though. “Is this the end of the road? Is this all there ever will be?” Never fear! Let me introduce you to my little friend: Cold Brew.

According to Wikipedia, cold brew coffee “refers to the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period.” That doesn’t sound so scary does it? But what exactly ARE the benefits? Once again, here’s what Wikipedia has to say. “Cold brewed coffee naturally seems sweeter due to its lower acidity. Because the coffee beans in cold-press coffee never come into contact with heated water, the process of leaching flavor from the beans produces a different chemical profile from conventional brewing methods. There are also higher levels of caffeine in a cup of cold brewed coffee compared to hot brewed coffee.”

So let’s review:

  1. Less acid
  2. Tastes sweeter
  3. More flavor
  4. More caffeine


That all sounds great but how do we implement it and reap the amazing benefits? Now you’re starting to ask the right questions. Saddle up cause here’s the dealio.


1. Start with a large container. I’m using OXO Good Grip’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Do you have to go out and drop $50 on one of these systems? No way man. You can use a mason jar for all it matters. Clean up is a little easier with this system but it doesn’t really matter flavor-wise.


2. Measure out your FRESH coffee beans. If you remember anything about the first post in this series, you know that I’m a huge advocate for using fresh beans. How do you know they’re fresh? They should have been roasted locally in the last week. So if that package of whole coffee beans doesn’t have a date on it, put it back on the shelf! The magic ratio of beans to water is 1:4. So 10 ounces of coffee beans will need 40 ounces of fresh water in this recipe. So figure out what amount of water your container will hold (leaving space for the grounds!) and use that ratio to determine how many beans you need. Also, weight is a much better measurement here than volume so make sure you use a digital scale.


3. Grind your beans. Remember the whole fresh beans part? Well that doesn’t matter if you buy them already ground up! Know that delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee beans? That’s the flavor that you’re looking to capture just floating away! The need to be ground and used immediately. Otherwise you’re just losing all that flavor! As far as a grinder, I’d suggest using a burr mill one like Cuisinart’s Supreme Grind.


4. Add your fresh grinds to the container. There’s nothing special here. In the words of Shia LaBeouf, “Just do it!”


5. Measure out your clean filtered water. Remember the magic ratio: 1 oz of beans equals 4 fl oz of water.


6. Stir it up. Enjoy that smell of success, my friend. You’re almost there! But this is actually the hardest part. You must now wait 12-24 hours. And by the way, I hate time ranges like this. Who says, “I’ll be there in 12-24 hours?” And the cable guy doesn’t count as a legitimate answer. Smartass.


7. Filter that delicious concentrate. This is where the cold brew system comes in handy. I just flick that lever and I’m instantly filtering. If you took the mason jar approach, you need a large paper coffee filter. Then you pour the mix through that and strain it properly. Be sure not to spill that liquid gold!


8. Now let’s get to drinkin’! THIS STUFF IS A CONCENTRATE. Hopefully you didn’t just sip it straight from the beaker. I love coffee but you might just have a problem if you take that stuff straight to the face. You need to dilute it! Fill a glass halfway with ice. Then add 2 ounces of concentrate and 4-6 ounces of water. You can also use milk instead of water if you want an iced latte. I know you were thinking it anyways you non-paleo weirdo.

All that extra concentrate can go in the fridge. It will last up to 2 weeks in there. Mine never lasts that long because it’s so tasty. Also, your morning routine just got easier. All you have to do is step number 8 and you’re out the door. And if you want to get extra credit points, you’ll check out the Mexi-Cafe (yet another delicious recipe from Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails).

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I loved this apple pie recipe from Primal Cravings so when Chad discovered a blackberry bush on our land, I decided to try my hand at a Blackberry Pie!

What You Need:



2 Tbsp butter (preferably grassfed like Kerrygold)

2 Tbsp apple juice concentrate

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 Tbsp lemon juice

2 green apples, peeled and thinly sliced OR an equivalent of blackberries picked from your yard



1 cup tapioca flour

¼ cup coconut flour

6 Tbsp butter

1 egg

2 Tbsp apple juice concentrate
What To Do:

  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Heat a saute pan on low. Add butter, apple juice concentrate, cinnamon and lemon juice to create a syrup then add in apples (or blackberries).IMAG2249
  2. In a large bowl add all ingredients for crust. Add butter last and mix with your hands until it’s crumbly. If you have kids, I imagine this part would be lots of fun for them.
  3. Use an 8” pie pan and add your crust to it. This will take some patience but again, I think kids would find this part fun. Keep working the crust until it spreads around the bottom of and slightly up the sides. See mine below.
  4. Add the apple/blackberry filling to the crust. Bake for 30 minutes.


If you’re a L1 baker you might want to choose one fruit or the other and just bake one. If you’re an Rx baker feel free to experiment and prepare two of them like I did!

If you do not normally eat paleo desserts you might find these a little more on the tart than sweet side. You can see from the recipe that there’s no sugar added, just the natural carmelized fructose from the fruit!

Before you dig into your freshly baked, made from scratch pie, remember a dessert (even a paleo one) is still a treat! Try not to eat the whole pie all at once. Bon appetit!

Want more info? Go here to download our Guide to Quickly Melt Belly Fat for FREE!

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10 types of people you will find in a CrossFit gym

by CrossFit Border

Whilst CrossFit gyms are different to normal gyms, there is one similarity. The gym-goer…

Without a doubt, the gym is a place where you can learn a lot about people. See them at their best or their worst. Regardless you always see people give it their all.

However there are some stereotypes that make you scratch your head, that keep you wondering if maybe you are the odd one out.

Here are our 10 types of people you will find in a CrossFit gym.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

Captain Oblivious is that one guy or girl who never really knows what’s going on, and they’re cool with that. This guy always asks “what are we doing” even after the coach has explained it. He usually strikes about 15 minutes into the session with “have we started yet?”

The great thing about Captain Oblivious is his cruisy attitude and friendly sense of humour. Need a spot? That’s cool, this guy will help.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

Going for a run? Better chalk up. We aren’t sure who the chalk monster is, because they are usually covered in chalk. Whether it’s running, burpees or skipping, expect a cloud of dust to follow the monster everywhere.

If you are ever too far away from the chalk bucket and need to chalk-up, give them a high five and not only do you look like you are encouraging them, but you’re also getting enough chalk to last you the whole workout.

If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

You’re in the middle of a set of 20 Kettlebell Swings then BAM! It hits our of nowhere. Is this it? Is this where it ends? Is that protein shake and broccoli you can smell?

The Crop Duster is an elusive type who is long gone by the time anyone catches on, and by that time it’s too late. Standing downwind from the fan may keep you cool during your workout, but it could send the ‘crop duster special’ your way.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

Sporting all the new gear, from the newest shoes, knee sleeves, a bright belt and flashy clothing. Gucci is the one covered in all the CrossFit brands like every session is a photo shoot.

Gucci may not be the fittest, but they have passion and they live and breathe CrossFit. Need some new shoes? Gucci has a pair you can try on.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

The rep-cheater somehow started their box jumps after you but finished ahead of you. Boasting some superhuman fast times in their workouts, the rep-cheater is always on top of the whiteboard.

Usually a capable CrossFitter, the competitive side comes out and 1, 2, 3 becomes 5, 10, 15 reps. If you are looking for someone to chase then the rep-cheater has you covered.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

You’re off with the fairies just thinking about what’s for dinner when like a banshee, the screamer let’s one rip! After you pick your heart up from the floor, you look around and see the screamer with a heavy barbell overhead. It’s ok though, she set a new personal best.

Need a pump up in class, the screamer will amp you up and help you smash through a workout.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

Snapchat or Instagram? It doesn’t matter, the selfie-queen is on both and has already bombarded their friends with their duck pouting, peace sign pictures. Warm up? What’s that? Cool Down and Stretch? Nah… The phone comes out and bam you just got caught picking your wedgie in the background.

If you need someone to film your lifts, the selfie queen probably has her tripod and knows enough about lighting to catch your best angle.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

It’s the end of the workout and high fives all-round. When you give the sweater some love you feel like Jessie from ‘Free Willy’ when the Whale jumps over the rocks at the end. Doing a partner workout with the sweater can be testing, especially when there is wall balls and you share the same ball.

The sweater is awesome when… um… I’ll get back to you.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

The tin man doesn’t lack a heart, they have that. However, years of no stretching has caught up and you can hear them moving from the other end of the gym. Bring a can of WD-40 because you may need it for the old tin man.

Need some inspiration from someone who just gives it their all despite their limited mobility and bubble wrap joints? The tin man works around their limits and shows you that anyone can do CrossFit.


If you would like to use any of these pictures or this article, please contact us info@crossfitborder.com.au

The coach calls 3..2..1..GO! Next minute the shirt goes flying. Wait! Did they even come in with a shirt?

Mr Too Sexy is the king of aerodynamics and can probably give you advice on the best waxing tips with no ingrowns.


Of course these are all just fun stereotypes. We love to have fun, train hard and high five each other. Who can you really find in a CrossFit gym?

Well, everyone really. So many different fitness levels, backgrounds and occupations. Everyone helps each other (seriously) finish thought workouts. There’s no judgement, but a mutual drive for better fitness.

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The Truth About CrossFit Local by Coach Kevin

Chad and Kelly think they have you fooled.  But working ever so closely with them, I’m on to them.  I am taking a risk here, decoding their “secret access” into the CFL website and posting this, knowing that it will have me exonerated, and probably will send to some foreign hick place in the south…..like CLEMSON….. God forbid.

The secrets out, and I’m going to expose Chad and Kelly for what they really are.  Here are 5 things you don’t know about CFL, that may have you think twice about walking into the box ever again.

# 1 – Jeremy is a spy.  C & K (that’s Chad and Kelly for you slow learners) told everyone at Local that he was hired as some administrative assistant, for doing office work….blah blah blah.  You took their poison, ingested it, and now you are brainwashed too.  I saw right through it.  The REAL plan for Jeremy is to be C & K’s sabotaging side-kick.  He attends other CrossFits in the area as a “tryout” client, where he is busy planting bugs, spy cameras, black lights (to look for blood), and any other shenanigans C & K have cooked up for him to do.  His recent vacation was for training to be a spy (as well the second phase will take him to Michigan next week).  Any CF in the area that shuts down is due to Jeremy carefully abiding to C & K’s plan.  Be aware folks.  His quiet demeanor is only because he’s listening to every word you say.  I’m onto you Jeremy.

# 2 – There’s a 4:00 am class.  I coach this; and it’s FREE!  It runs from 4:00 to 4:35, and we get out before the early 5:00 show starts.  It’s top secret, you have to be exclusively invited, and I really cannot say much more about it besides these three things:  Squirrel Squats, Stripper Poles, and Magic Muffins.  (You 4:00 AMers know exactly what I’m talking about.  Remember when we found that dead cat in the woods and WODed with it….. oh magic muffins.)

# 3 –  Kelly crosses out the dated food at the pro-shop.  She has a special bar gun that can erase the old date and puts on a new one.  This ‘tactic” can be averted by licking the date on the bar.  There’s some component in saliva that will make the real date appear, so start licking away.  Also, any item on sale that is protein, half of it is replaced with filler (powdered sugar, cocoa power, cream of wheat, ground flax etc).  Be mindful of tricky Kelly.  Sadly, she learned these practices from her mother who hordes chili.

# 4 –  The distance around the building is 402 meters.  You know why the interns are gone?  Well, simply because they called out Chad on this.  It was an ugly UGLY confrontation.  I mediated it; and failed.  Chad told them it was to be discussed at 3:59 AM before the 4:00 class.  They abided of course, and after some “chalk dust” was sprinkled on them, and some magic muffins were eaten, they disappeared.  It’s pretty crappy of Chad to do this over 2 stupid meters, AND because they worked so hard to FINALLY make the box look presentable.  Oh well… It is what it is.  Take note, if C or K ask you to show up at the box at 3:59 am, and there’s a plate of magic muffins offered to you….. DON”T EAT THEM!

# 5 –   Ned is really Ned.

A little humor to rouse the soul….

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Reflections from a GORUCK Heavy by Paul S

While most of you were finalizing your July 4th plans last year, I was on my way to DC to undertake the daunting physical challenge known as the GORUCK Heavy. From 5pm July 2nd to 6pm July 3rd, I threw myself to the mercy of GORUCK Cadre. That’s right, 25 straight hours of low crawls, push-ups, sit-ups, running without rucks, running with rucks, buddy carries, log carries, random heavy thing carries… Typical GORUCK good livin’. 40+ miles of it. Needless to say, I know Washington DC very intimately now.

I have done Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Crossfit competitions and even GORUCK Lights and Challenges. None of that compares to the Heavy. This was a whole new world of hurt. Physical stress and demand far beyond anything else I have undertaken. The only thing that I have done that compares is the Crucible at the end of Marine Corps Bootcamp. For me, that was 13 years ago in a 19 year old body. My 32 year old body certainly felt the demand a lot more from the Heavy.


The GORUCK Heavy solidified life lessons I have learned but need to be reminded of on occasion, as we all do to be honest. First off, my physical toughness is limited by my mental toughness. Our bodies can push beyond our perceived limits to accomplish amazing things, if we let them. Often our mind will tell us, it’s too heavy, it’s too far, it’s too much; so we quit. You should know the difference between discomfort and legitimate pain from injury. If you don’t, you’ve never been injured. Discomfort is something that feels worse the more attention you give it. If you remain focused on something else, discomfort generally fades to a tolerable level. Pain from an injury will not. So, stay focused on your task at hand and keep your mind off of your discomfort. I thought a lot about my girls and my dog during the long rucks in between the event “highlights”.

Second life lesson the GORUCK Heavy reinforced is the power of positive encouragement. I was fortunate enough to be in a group of individuals who are GORUCK superstars. Most of the people in the class travel the entire country doing Spartan Death Races, 50 and 100 mile ultramarathons, GORUCK Heavy’s, etc; athletes way beyond my level of conditioning. It was inspiring to watch them smile and laugh through the whole event as if it really was a fun time! My body started to break down around hour 15 and I was on the bubble if I would finish or not. I wasn’t going to quit, but I was about to be “med dropped” for heat exhaustion. Luckily, my kickass teammates noticed I was struggling and stepped up to help me out. For the rest of the event they constantly asked how I was doing, told me I was doing great and that we were all going to make it together and pulled weight off my shoulders to give me a few minutes reprieve when I need it. When you’re at a breaking point, hearing that positive encouragement has profound effects and totally gave me the drive to keep pushing. I didn’t want to let them down. They believed in me and I wasn’t about to quit on them. They also poured water on me randomly to help keep me cool. Also, lucky for me, we had an EMT following us during the event and he was periodically checking my vitals to make sure I wasn’t over doing it. This gave me that sense of security that I could keep pushing beyond my perceived limits and not risk injury.


Those are the two biggest lessons the GORUCK Heavy instills:

1. Your body is very capable of more than your mind will allow, so train your mind as much or more than your body.
2. The power of a team exceeds the power of an individual.

These lessons apply in the gym. Encourage each other. One more rep. Keep coming in, keep giving 100% in the workouts and you will see success.

If you’re interested in doing a GORUCK event, I highly recommend it. But I would NOT recommend attempting a Heavy for your first one. Start with a Light or a Challenge. Feel free to ask me questions and I will be happy to share the good, the bad, the glamorous and the ugly.

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Box Spotlight 005: CrossFit Local with Chad and Kelly Edwards


So before I visited CrossFit Local, I scoped out their website. I must say I was impressed and I knew that if they lived up to what I saw online it would be something special- and they did not disappoint! Crossfit Local, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is just a few minutes from The University of North Carolina. When you first walk in to CF Local you see a very nice store front-type reception area with comfy-looking chairs and couches, which I’ll admit, may be confusing when you are used to the industrial look that most boxes take, but walk through the next door you find that familiar training area that you expect in a CrossFit box.

CrossFit Local was founded in 2009 by Chad and Kelly Edwards and was actually the first CrossFit affiliate in the area. Chad earned double Bachelor degrees in Exercise and Sports Science and Psychology at The University of North Carolina. After graduating, he worked as a personal trainer at conventional gyms, but felt something was missing until he discovered CrossFit in 2006. It took three years for Chad to convince his wife, Kelly, to start CrossFit. Kelly is a women’s and family nurse practitioner. The combination of Chad’s exercise and physiology background and Kelly’s medical experience make them a dynamic duo that can provide their members an unparalled level of service. To find out more about their story you can read more HERE.
CrossFit Local offers a variety of different options for their members that allow them to choose the program that best fits their needs, like CrossFit Kids/teens, a barbell club, a six-week boot camp, nutrition counseling and personal training services.  Along with all that, they also offer their Crossfit classes in different levels, specifically tailored to your skill level. All of the options they offer are specifically designed to help their members achieve their goals. Chad and Kelly meet one-on-one with each member for a quarterly review to discuss their goals and progress.

In addition to Chad and Kelly, Their right hand man and associate Jeremy assists them in handling any of their members’ needs. CrossFit Local has thirteen additional coaches providing the best possible service to their clients. Their experienced and diverse coaching team holds certifications in CrossFit, Kids, Gymnastics, Endurance, Mobility, Weightlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Goal Setting. More importantly, they are passionate about what they do and love: CrossFit. To see there amazing coaches click Here.

During my visit, I was lucky enough to be coached by Chad and was very impressed with his attention to detail and overall wealth of knowledge. You know I love lifting heavy so when I saw that the strength work for the day was split jerks, I had to smile. I don’t do as much as I probably should, working on my split jerks, so I definitely valued the coaching that Chad provided. He was able to help me make a few tweaks to my movement that really helped as the weight got heavier. When it was time for the WOD, we went outside and I was able to pair up with one of their awesome members for a partner WOD. After not getting enough sleep and being sick, I could really feel myself fading but I had an amazing  partner and a great community helping me push through and finish it up.

With all that they offer, it is hard to imagine that they would be able to do even more, but they do! They also have a FREE Couch-to-CrossFit program in which they send out emails and videos each week to anyone on the list. In these tutorial videos, you get a WOD with mainly bodyweight movements, that people can do at home, in 10 minutes or less. They believe that CrossFit can benefit everyone and know that there are a lot of people who WANT to CrossFit at a box, but can’t because of time, money or other personal reasons. It’s their way of giving back to all of the locals who, well, aren’t quite local. Check out the Couch-to-CrossFit program HERE.
Chad and Kelly, along with their thirteen other coaches, have developed an amazing community that you really have to experience to understand. Every CrossFit box I have been too has a great culture, but this one stands out as one of the best.
To learn more about CrossFit Local check out their website HERE!
To check them out on Facebook click HERE!
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3-Position Snatch

by Catalyst Athletics

The 3-position snatch is simply 3 snatches performed from 3 different starting positions consecutively. Most commonly, the three positions are from the floor followed by two different hang heights, such as below the knee and above the knee. However, really a 3-position snatch can be from any three different positions desired by the coach or athlete. These positions should be chosen with reason—that is, the exercise should serve a purpose that the chosen positions address.

The most common execution of the 3-position snatch is to perform the first rep from the floor and the second 2 reps from 2 different hang positions, the second higher than the first. This forces the lifter to produce more power/force on the second and third reps after having been fatigued by the previous reps, and then having less time and space to elevate and accelerate the bar, as well as needing to pull under more aggressively because of the reduced upward force. The most common positions are floor, below the knee, and above the knee; also commonly used are floor, knee and mid-thigh.
The order of the positions may be reversed in cases in which technique is more of a priority than power. That is, a less technically-proficient lifter may start at the higher hang position, then move down to the lower hang position, and then to the floor. In this way, the lifter starts in the most comfortable and proficient starting position, then adds more of the movement on each subsequent rep.
3-position snatch is a name for a complex that may also be written as snatch + hang snatch (hang height) + hang snatch (hang height).
If performed bottom to top, the 3-position snatch helps primarily with rate of force development, more aggressive and complete extension at the top of the pull, and more aggressive pull under the bar. If performed from the top down, it can serve as more of a technique exercise that reinforces proper position in the pull at the hang position chosen.
When using the 3-position snatch in a training program, it’s important to note the three starting positions. This can be used to work specifically on more powerful snatch extension and turnover, or as an exercise for lighter training days between heavier snatch and clean & jerk training sessions.
Variations of the 3-position snatch include different hang positions, pauses in the hang position, or pauses in the receiving position.